When to do it yourself and save some coin, or when to call the big guns, that is the question. And in the end, calling a professional plumber may cost upfront but save you big time on the renos you will need if you do it yourself and have to pay for serious plumbing or water damage down the road.

Part 1: DIY Plumbing (that can actually be achieved without inviting disaster)

Drain cleaning may require a little brawn, but it’s the number one plumbing problem for residential homeowners. You may want to read our article “How to Keep Your Drains Clear” and arm yourself beforehand by buying a good quality plunger. Try plunging alternately with pouring very hot water down the drain to clear debris. It may be that just a little bacon fat off the frying pan has congealed and needs heat to break the plug. P.S. Do not put grease down your kitchen sink. Wipe the frying pan out with paper towel and place the grease in the garbage rather than flushing it down the sink with hot water and your so called “grease-busting” dishwashing liquid soap. Bathtub drains can usually be cleared with a crooked wire (refabricated coat hangers work great) and some courage. It’s not an easy-to-stomach task clearing out common household drains and we salute you. Caustic drain cleaners may unplug a drain, or not, but considering the environmental damage they cause, this is probably your last choice.

Simple Toilet Fixes

The sound of hissing water running constantly through your toilet tank is horrid enough to fray anyone’s nerves, but easy to fix. Probably the toilet flapper (plug) hasn’t closed properly. Most of the time, a simple readjustment will solve the problem. When you press the flushing handle, the flapper opens to let water drain and then closes again to end the flushing cycle. Sometimes they can stick in an open position. Take the top off the tank and check the chain in case it has fallen off and re-hook it onto the tank lever. If the flapper has degraded and is not sealing properly, one can be purchased at your local home hardware store and is easily replaced. You may have to read the label on the flapper product package, but somebody has to do it.

Part 2: When to Call a Professional Plumber (or: How to Avoid a Plumbing Disaster)

Drain cleaning that requires a snake or video to problem-solve needs a professional plumber. Some plugged drains are beyond the reach of common household tools like plungers. Renovations and new home builds are another opportunity to get the important systems functioning correctly by hiring a Red Seal plumber. Advancements in in-floor and hydronic heating systems are complicated and call for the professional touch of our team. When you hire a professional plumber for advanced services, you have peace of mind knowing the installation is correct and will function as one of the major systems running your home for years to come. When disaster strikes, pro plumbers are prepared and trained to respond quickly to repair pipes and leaks that could further damage or contaminate your home. We encourage you to do-it-yourself when possible, and invite you to call us for professional help when you need us.
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