Plumbing FAQ – Your Plumbing Questions Answered

Q: First thing in the morning, when I turn on the hot water, it takes forever to get hot. Is there a way I can get water hot instantly?
A: Great question. Yes, there is a way to get hot water instantly to get comfortable temperatures for washing. We can install a water heating system that heats water on demand and saves energy consumption. On demand water heaters provide energy saving options for residential and commercial consumption by heating water as it passes through the unit, rather than storing large tanks of hot water that leech energy. With on demand systems, cold water is instantly heated to a desired pre-set end use temperature. Instantaneous heaters are more expensive to purchase initially, but use less energy than hot water tanks that lose heat through tank walls and water pipes. Typically, a 30 percent reduction in operating costs benefits home budgets and reduces carbon footprints.
Q: What are the benefits of radiant in-floor heating?
A: Comfortable constant temperatures, a quieter home for healthy sleeping, healthier air and long-term energy conservation. Efficiency is in the ability of water and flooring material to absorb and hold heat, and as heat rises from the floor, your room maintains a constant temperature. Forced air furnaces blow heat through ductwork, spreading dust and other allergens throughout the house. Air quality improves with radiant heating as no fans are needed. Radiant heating has no air ducts, but uses a closed loop system for very minimal heat loss during circulation through in-floor tubing. This requires very little electricity and one of the main reasons hydronic in-floor heating is popular with homes built off traditional power grids.
Q: I would like to install a fridge with a built-in ice maker, how do I get water to it if my house is old and doesn’t have a water line?
A: Give us a call. We will install a water line for you and get your new appliances and ice maker working right on time for summer drinks.
Q: My drain keeps getting plugged, do you have any tips for keeping the drain working properly?
A: Another great question. Regularly clean your bathtub or shower drain for blockages before real problems occur. We know this is a gross job, but digging small hairy clogs out before they become solid will save you headaches in the future. Be careful what you put down your kitchen sink! Grease, coffee grinds and leafy greens that take more time to break down can plug your drain any time, but especially when colder temperatures harden this gunk inside your pipes. When you get a nasty clog that does not respond to plunging or other drain clearing methods, you may want to consider giving us a call.

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