Plumbing is needed for the basic functions of any building and such a part of our everyday lives we often don’t think about its importance or design. That is, until we are building a new home, renovating or need a professional plumber to problem solve a broken pipe or fix the hot water system. Over the years, we have had many questions asked by our customers, so decided to put together a list of the most commonly asked questions for a quick read and resource.

Q: Can you work with my building contractor?

A: Absolutely, yes, we can. Hiring us for involvement in the first stages of home design ensures you end up with a plumbing and heating system for ultimate efficiency customized for your lifestyle and budget. Over the years, we have worked with local skilled trades individuals and general contractors to complete both commercial and residential plumbing and heating projects in Penticton.

Q: What can I put down my garbage disposal?

A: Great question. Garbage disposals are a quick, sanitary way to dispose of food waste, but there are several things you should not attempt to garburate. Sending the wrong items down the disposal unit means clogs, bad smells or a broken appliance. What’s okay? Soft foods (like left over wet pet food), fruit peels and waaaay too old ice cream. Often, greens can be composted, but as some municipalities cut back on public/common compost areas to control rodent population, garburating vegetables is okay and seldom causes problems unless they are fibrous (celery, cornhusks and lettuce for example) because fibrous veggies can wrap and tangle around the disposal’s blades. Please DO NOT send fat or grease down your garbage disposal. Other do nots are: bones, seafood shells, coffee and pasta. And yes, along with kitchen renovation plumbing, we do install garbage disposal units.

Q: Can I put floor heating under hardwood?

A: Yes! And what a great idea for planning ahead on your new home build or renovation. We install hydronic heating systems that run quietly and save energy costs and consumption. Our new installation techniques allow for radiant heating below hardwood, laminates, vinyl, tile and carpet. Hydronic (radiant) heating provides superior and consistent comfort, as it heats the home evenly without cold spots. Radiant heating is a popular choice for installation under bathroom tiles.
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